Terms and conditions for carpet cleaning

The employees of the company have no right to enter the homes of the clients for collecting or unfolding of carpets. The carpets must be rolled and put next to your home entrance.
The company is not responsible for the following carpets:
  • Torn from improper usage
  • Rotten
  • Unravelled overlocking
  • Eaten by moths
  • With stains of wax, wine, marker, ink, body fluids, and more
  • Unclaimed more than 20 days from request
Cleaned carpets should be removed from the transport foil. Delivered carpets should not be kept in the transport foil. Claims will be accepted within 12 hours after delivery at +359 884 04 56 72 or +359 888 88 00 55. By placing your order, you accept the terms and conditions. For carpets that are unclaimed for more than 30 days after the order is ready, or if we are unable to contact the client after 30 days from completing the order, there is a tax of 1 BGN per day for wardrobe.