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About us

Decotex AD
Founded in Sliven back in 1909 "Decotex" is a textile factory with a history of almost a century. The iconic "Persian" carpets from Sliven are present in almost every Bulgarian home. Company "Decotex" is a manufacturer of wool and synthetic carpets, rugs, runners, bathroom sets, universal mats, printed mats, interior textiles. Thanks to its name, proven in time, years of experience and traditions, "Decotex" is a preferred supplier. No Bulgarian home without carpets and rugs manufactured by us and although bought many years ago, are still perfect quality... you change them just because you are tired, not because they are worn out... do you agree? The advantage of the company's so-called "contract business" - execution orders designed by customers - making special custom carpets and trails of hotels, offices, office buildings, restaurants, etc., designed specifically for your interior and tailored to your style!

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